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Caring for your Body, Mind and Spirit
Pendle Holistics

Diane Withnell

My journey into the field of holistic therapies started in 2005 when I was at a Pamper weekend with the ladies from work.  I had my first Reflexology treatment there, and couldn’t believe how powerful it’s effects had on my body. At the time, I wasn’t very well and for some reason, I felt better! Curiosity got the  better of me and I began to look deeper into it and as a result, I enrolled at night school to do a years course in Reflexology….. The rest, as they say….is history!

I never wanted to keep this newfound knowledge
to myself so I decided to practice it in 2007 and I’m still as passionate about it today as I was then.

In just over 9 years, it’s helped so many clients with varying health issues and the results, although different for everyone, are always positive.

In January 2013, I had a sledging accident which resulted in me breaking my back.  I was so fortunate in that I didn’t lose the use of my legs, but a painful journey nonetheless. Holistic therapies, combined with hydrotherapy and gentle exercise, helped me on my road to recovery.  It helped me manage my pain and literally got me back on my feet!