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World Sound Healing Day
The World Sound Healing Day was held at Gorton Monastery, Manchester on 14th February 2016. I attended because I had seen an advert in Kindred Spirit Magazine (January-February 2016) and it intrigued me as I am both a musician and singer, and a Seichem and Reiki healer. Using sound vibrations in healing caught my attention several years ago, but I had not experienced sound healing in practice before. The World Sound Healing Day was expertly led by John Horton who has been influenced by Jonathan Goldman’s practice of sound healing.

A large circle of participants congregated in the nave of Gorton Monastery, a peaceful, calm location that produced helpful acoustic reverberations that enhanced the sounds we made together.
An introduction set our purpose: to vocalise an “Ah” sound, and fill it with the positive intention to send love and healing to the Earth. During the day John explained how sound needs to be accompanied by positive intention to gain a healing outcome for the highest good of all. The group sang “Ah,” breathed and repeated, to create a continuous wave of sound that filled the monastery with harmonious vibration. Our intention was set to send this healing wave of sound out into the world through the ley lines that converge at the monastery.

As a group we learnt a lovely simple song that we sang back and forth to each other, then used a chakra balancing series of vowel sounds to entrain our chakras to an optimum vibration for balance and harmony.

After a break for lunch we were immersed in a Sound Bath created by Andrea Jackson of Pendle Holistics using crystal singing bowls, chimes and bells. This left us relaxed, peaceful and full of healing energy.

Next, we were introduced to the angelic “Shamael Invocation” and shared Jonathan Goldman’s Temple of Sacred Sound, merging our own vocal sounds with the sounds on Jonathan’s website. Lastly, we finished the World Sound Healing Day by sending the love-filled “Ah” sound to the Earth again.

It was a wonderful experience and I look forward to attending more Sound Healing events in future.

Susie Fox