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Mindfulness MeditationThere is a lot of talk about the benefits of mindfulness both on the mind and the body.  This was re-introduced into the modern world by Jon Kabat Zinn back in 1991 based on the origins and principles of Buddhism and the Buddhist meditation practice.

Who will benefit from mindfulness practise?

  • Anyone looking to reduce their stress level
  • Educational establishments to support their staff and students
  • Bereaved
  • Employers looking to support their staff

How often do you have thoughts about what has happened in the past or what might happen in the future, so much so that these thoughts, emotions and feelings prevent you from really appreciating what you are doing now?  Mindfulness based stress relief (MBSR) is based on the practice of mindfulness and this is generally learnt over an 8 week programme.

What techniques do you learn?

Through mindfulness you learn techniques and practices to bring your attention to the current moment through breathing…sounds simple?  It has been proven that through daily practice MBSR has positive benefits.

  • Effective method of stress reduction
  • Significant improvement in emotional and social functioning
  • Improved concentration
  • Improvement in general health and vitality
  • Reduction in psychological distress for sufferers of long term conditions
  • Speeding up in clearance of skin lesions in patients with psoriasis
  • Boosting of the immune response
  • Significant reduction in blood pressure
  • Significant long-term improvement in anxiety levels amongst patients suffering from anxiety disorders
  • Reduced intake of pain relieving medications amongst chronic pain sufferers
  • Reduced levels of depression and anxiety after eight week mindfulness programme

Treatment Sessions

Andrea is a certified teacher of MBSR and can delivers the 8 week programme both at her practise and by request at other premises.

Please call now on 07929 331142 to book your treatment session.

Workplace programmes

Adapted programs are also available for workplaces who are looking to support staff with stress reduction and enable them to stay in work, thus reducing sickness absence costs and improving productivity.

Educational Programmes

Specially adapted educational programmes are also available for all age groups to improve concentration, managing emotions, appreciate the impact of your behaviour on others, acting in a non-judgemental manner and appreciating yourself as a person.